Teefa In Trouble Review : Ali Zafar Really creating Trouble !

Teefa In Trouble Review : Ali Zafar Really creating Trouble !

July 23, 2018 0 By Haseeb Ur Rehman

First of all, I am really glad that I watched the movie. After watching Teefa in Trouble I must say it’s a big vow.  As usual, my review will not only be talking about good things but, I will be writing a few critics points as well. IMDb a movie rating site has given it 8.7/10. Hmm ! not bad Teefay… So, let’s start with the good things first.

Starting from movie cast, Ali Zafar (Teefa), Maya Ali (Anya), Mehmood Aslam (Butt Shab) and Javed Sheikh (Basheer Aka Banzo). The supporting cast includes Simi Raheal (Teefa’s Mother), Faisal Qureshi ( Tony Dot Shah), Mahe Nur Haider ( Sarah Any’s Freind) and Mahroom Ahmed Billal (Billu Butt). Well done! director sahab good choice.

M Cinemas movie cover

Teefa in Trouble cast banner from M Cinemas Movie Cover

Now Let’s talk about the story of Teefa In Trouble, The movie is revolving around two best friends Butt and Banzo. Who later becomes enemy of each other upon the marriage proposal of Billu Butt for Anya. Butt hires Teefa To kidnap Anya to forcefully marry his son Billu. Wait! are you kidding or gone mad I am not going to tell you the full story here grab a ticket and watch the movie. Overall it’s a good story and script.

Now it comes to the location, the movie is shooted in Lahore, Pakistan and Warsaw, Poland. And I am in love with the location abroad let’s have a look on few screengrabs.

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Overall the movie was the complete package of romance, action and comedy. Specially Faisal Qureshi’s punch lines and comic timings. The movie got five songs, Chan Ve, Ishq Nachunda, Sajna Door, Nahin Jaana and off-course my favourite Item Number. I liked the fighting with the inner-self part of the movie ” The Zameer Ki Awaaz” where Teefa’s multiple-self comes out to convince him to do what each of them says.


Now after some good good, it’s time for some positive critics which is my opinion but a reader may differ. The action in the movie started too early and the entry of heroine was late somehow. My Suggestion as an audience and critic it is not necessary that if you have a singer in the movie you should utilise him for singing too let him focus on acting there are some other singers too. The first half of the movie was very good and to the point but the second half was a little bit dragged.

I must say the movie is giving a tough time to the other movies released on Eid and other occasions. Well Done! ones again team Teefa in Trouble. It’s all about from my side if you have anything to tell please tell us in comments.